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Back to School!

Recipes for nutritious snacks.

Back to class with books, notebooks, and some healthy food for a mid-morning snack.
Snack time is not just fun and play: it’s also an opportunity to encourage proper nutrition and healthy eating habits. With the help of our chefs, we have chosen ten recipes that use simple, natural, and nutritious ingredients: prepare them in advance and pack a healthy snack for your kids everyday!

Sweet snacks

Paradise CakeParadise Cake
Soft and flavorful, paradise cake is a traditional Italian dessert.
A light and sweet snack.
Apple and pear pieApple and pear pie
The mixture of apples and pears makes for an original and flavorful pie.
Capri Chocolate CakeCapri Chocolate Cake
With the wonderful aroma of chocolate and almond.
Rice cakeRice cake
Rice, milk, sugar and candied fruit go into this delicious gluten-free cake.


Savory snacks

Zucchini FocacciaZucchini Focaccia
Nutritious buns stuffed with cheese and zucchini.
Pizza MargheritaPizza Margherita
An all-time favorite.
A flat bread filled with cheese and cured-meat.
Focaccia di ReccoFocaccia di Recco
A very thin focaccia, made with fresh cheese.
Breadsticks (grissini)Breadsticks (grissini)
Light and crispy!