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The Christmas Table

Celebrate Christmas this year in style, Italian-style, with three menus created especially for you by our chefs!

The Academia Barilla chefs have selected three Italian Christmas menus for you.
Celebrate the holiday with your friends and family gathered around the table.

Create Your Own Historic Menu


Enrich your table and intrigue your guests with a touch of elegance and class!

Academia Barilla opens its doors to a precious collection of 50 masterpieces: choose your favorite menu model, compose it with your recipes and create a special printed menu for each of your guest.

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Create your own historic menu



Christmas Eve Menu


The Christmas Eve menu was designed according to the Italian tradition of not eating meat the night before Christmas.

Raw anchovies in lemon marinade
A dish perfect for people who live the strong, pungent flavor of marinated anchovies.
Ligurian Mussel SoupLigurian Mussel Soup
This flavorful Italian dish can be found along the entire coast of the peninsula. It is light, but satisfying.
Pasta with breadcrumbsPasta with breadcrumbs
Often served in Southern Italy, this filling pasta dish pairs well with a good glass of full-bodied red wine.
Tortelli di magroChristmas Eve Fish Tortelli
These fish ravioli are the perfect way to celebrate Christmas Italian-style, with elegance and fun.
PanettoneFish chowder
Warm and full of flavor.
PanettoneSicilian Tuna Carpaccio
Full of Mediterranean flavors.
Lemon SorbetLemon Sorbet
Satisfying and refreshing, lemon sorbet can be eaten as a digestif at the end of a meal or as a daytime pick-me-up.
Three Chocolate MousseThree Chocolate Mousse
Three types of chocolate mousse come together to make a creamy and flavorful treat, ideal for parties and special occasions.


Christmas menu


The lunch on December 25 is the focus of the Christmas festivities.

Cappùn magroPotato and cheese pie
A perfect starter to whet your appetite with lively, intense flavors.
Anolini is a stuffed pasta from Parma, where it is served in broth during the holiday season. This recipe will allow you to bring the taste of Emilia into your own home.
Tortellini (Traditional Filled Pasta)Tortellini (Traditional Filled Pasta)
Tortellini are small culinary masterpieces with a welcoming and genuine flavor. This is one of the most famous Italian recipes around.
Duck with OrangeDuck with Orange
Delicate, yet satisfying, this traditional winter recipe is a ideal dish to serve this holiday season.
Mixed Boiled MeatMixed Boiled Meat
A traditional Italian dish for Christmas time!
Green SauceGreen Sauce
Parsley, garlic, bread and EVOO: taste this sauce with boiled meat!
Potatoes with trufflesPotatoes with truffles
A simple, but show-stopping side dish that brings out the aroma of white truffle.
StruffoliStruffoli (small traditional fritters)
To finish off our Christmas lunch Italian-style, we suggest this sweet treat from Naples.


A Vegetarian Christmas


The third menu that we are proposing can be prepared either for Christmas eve dinner or for lunch the following day.

Mascarpone Bites with ArugulaMascarpone Bites with Arugula
Light, yet elegant bite-sized treats to serve your guests as a quick snack or an aperitivo.
Parmigiano Reggiano and Artichoke SaladParmigiano Reggiano and Artichoke Salad
Raw artichokes, Parmigiano Reggiano and a couple slices of black truffle make for an irresistible Italian salad.
Ricotta and Sage TortelliRicotta and Sage Tortelli
Light and appetizing, this recipe for ricotta tortelli calls for a creamy sauce that really brings out the flavor of the pasta.
Cabbage FlanCabbage Flan
This recipe for cabbage sformato, a flan-like custard, is enriched with a tasty fontina fondue. It is a flavorful dish coming from rural Italian kitchens.
Fennel Fennel "alla parmigiana"
Delicious and easy to make.
Chocolate SalameChocolate Salame
Add joy to your Christmas!