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Columbus Day

Enjoy this typically Italian menu in celebration of Columbus Day and the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus!

On the morning of October 12, 1492, when Christopher Columbus, the sailor form Genoa, placed foot on the island of San Salvador (modern-day Bahamas), he certainly couldn’t have known that he was changing the history of the world.
The arrival of European colonizers in the Americas was without a doubt one of the most important events in modern history, including modern food history. Many foods native to the Americas were brought to Europe during the centuries to follow and even more European products were brought to America.
Over time, the Europeans learned to use the products from the New World and integrated them into their traditional cuisines.
A great example of this is the use of the tomato in pizza.
In 1869, Italian immigrants in San Francisco decided to celebrate the day that Christopher Columbus arrived on the new continent and since 1937 Columbus Day has been a national holiday in the United States.

Our Academia Barilla chefs have created a special menu featuring the specialties of Liguria, the region where Columbus was born.

By following the recipes, you can truly honor the work and important discovery of Columbus.

Italian Recipes

Focaccia di Recco
An incredibly thin and cheesy focaccia made along the Ligurian coast. Serve it as an appetizer in honor of Cristofo Colombo.
Trenette with pesto
Direct from the city of Genua, this is one of the most famous Italian recipes in the world.
Fried Sardines
Found in the waters of the Mediterranean, sardines are a flavorful fish often used in recipes from Liguria.
Ligurian Sweet Milk Fritters
To end your Colombus Day meal in style, consider this simple and delicate dessert.