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How to fillet a sea bass


  • 1 sea bass


Step 1

Lay the fish on the work-surface, hold it by the tail with the left hand, and gripping a knife in the right, scrape down the fish starting from the tail, then wash under cold running water.

Filleting sea bass - step 1

Step 2

Cut along the full length of the belly of the fish starting from the lower part. If the fish is going to be grilled, gut it without removing the scales.

Filleting sea bass - step 2

Step 3

Remove the innards and cut them up.

Filleting sea bass - step 3

Step 4

Insert an index finger inside a gill and pull strongly to extract it completely. Then wash the inside and outside of the fish under cold running water.
N.B.: For a “Bellavista” recipe, use a fish weighing upwards of 1.5kg. In this case, the belly should not be cut, but the fish should be gutted by inserting a ladle handle into the opening of the gills and pulling gently to remove the innards; wash under cold running water by inserting the faucet spout into the gills.

Filleting sea bass - step 4

Step 5

Using a knife, cut down to the bone behind the head.

Filleting sea bass - step 5

Step 6

Working parallel to the work-surface, cut away the skin of the back from the head to the tail, moving the knife with a sawing action. Finish by detaching the upper fillet.

Filleting sea bass - step 6

Step 7

Perform the same operation for the lower part of the fish, in this way completely eliminating the bones.

Filleting sea bass - step 7

Step 8

Even up the fillets by removing the membrane and the parts with blood.

Filleting sea bass - step 8

Step 9

With the aid of a knife, remove any remaining bones from the back. For a 400gr sea bass, you can expect waste amounting to about 50%.

Filleting sea bass - step 9