Courses for professionals

Academia Barilla organises an in-depth course to obtain the “Certificate of proficiency in Italian cuisine”, a professional qualification certificate for chefs who want to spread the authentic Italian cuisine worldwide. An intensive course of Italian cuisine, from Monday to Friday, that ends with a final test in front of a board of chefs and experts of Academia Barilla.

To sign up for the exam, it is advisable to have at least 3 years’ work experience in the sector, 2 of which in Italian restaurants.


The first part of the exam is a theoretical test: a writing and a speaking test with the Board of examiners made up of experts of Academia Barilla.

Main topics for the test:

  • Basic principles of Italian cuisine
  • The Mediterranean Diet and its ingredients
  • Insight of Regional Cuisine
  • Italian menu and regional recipes
  • Pasta, rice, meat and fish
  • Bread
  • Sweets and ice-cream

The second part of the exam includes the assessment by the Board of examiners of an Italian menu entirely prepared by the candidate.

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