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Italy, its history, the variety of landscapes that are different yet tied by a deep bond, the food and wine tradition and a cuisine that is one of the world’s most famous, have always been an area of cultural growth and promotion that Academia Barilla has been committed to.

Because knowledge goes through the steps of discovery, the desire to enjoy experiences, the interpretation of paths, habits and customs. Because appreciation feeds on travelling, pausing and exchanging.

And this is why Academia Barilla has given rise to a treasure of meticulous selection and knowledge to strengthen the awareness of the deep roots of the Italian gastronomic tradition: the Gastronomic Library, one of the most prestigious and richest in Italy that gathers more than 14,000 books together with a valuable collection of menus and historic prints as evidence of the evolution of trends, art, cuisine and society.

Based on these book collections, on the willingness to cherish and communicate our historical evolutions and traditions, Academia Barilla carries out its mission of discovering and disseminating the Italian gastronomic and cultural heritage.

Gastronomic library and Historical menus

It’s true: every library around the world has cookbooks. But Academia Barilla Gastronomic Library is special: all cookbooks…

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Italian Cuisine

Italy is a land of cultures, centuries-old traditions, country stories; it is a mosaic of landscapes, ancient customs…

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