Gastronomic library and Historical menus

It’s true: every library around the world has cookbooks. But Academia Barilla Gastronomic Library is special: all cookbooks are under one roof.

It’s a tour around the culinary world with more than 15,000 volumes, from XVI century to present day, divided in about a hundred subject categories and with a thousand single-copy texts, that can be found only here. And a large number of these works – thanks to the collaboration between the Barilla Academy and the municipal Libraries of Parma – is also available online in the Barilla Academy’s digital Library.

In addition to this vast treasure of books, the Library boasts more than 70 periodicals, some hard to find elsewhere because out of print, an imposing collection of almost 5,000 historical menus, from early nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth, and a collection of 150 antique prints of gastronomic themes.

Because taste is not just a matter of eating, but also of heart and mind. A matter of tradition, research and evolution. In other words, a matter of culture.

The Library houses important milestones of gastronomic literature. Those books confirm that around food there are a thousand and one stories worth of being told.


The Library holds over 15,000 volumes and among those are milestones of gastronomic literature.

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Pellegrino Artusi, the “father” of modern Italian gastronomy, takes us on a journey to discover the secrets and treasures of the Gastronomic Library of Academia Barilla.

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Over 150 cornerstones of Italian gastronomic literature have been digitalised and are freely available online.

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Cuisine and history are interwoven in menus that act as mirrors, bearing witness to events of the past.

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The work of some of Italy’s most illustrious artists meets cuisine in Artists’ Menu, where the worlds of food and the imagination collide.

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At the beginning, there were the hunting scenes painted by our ancestors inside the Lascaux caves. Now, we have Ed Atkins’ digital animation videos. Food has always had a key role in artistic representations.

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An exhibition journey through tradition, history, processing and production of Pasta.

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