Pellegrino Artusi, the “father” of modern Italian gastronomy, takes us on a journey to discover the secrets and treasures of the Gastronomic Library of Academia Barilla

With an App, users can listen to him telling stories and sharing interesting facts about the extraordinary heritage preserved at the Library.

Pellegrino Artusi was the first, through his work, to make the recipes of the various regions of Italy comprehensible to readers all across the country by using colloquial and informal language, thus contributing to creating a cultural – and linguistic – unity which, at the time, still seemed a remote possibility.

This is why he was chosen to impersonate the guide who virtually accompanies visitors to discover the secrets of the Gastronomic Library. The Academia has created an avatar resembling Artusi which, using a friendly and ironic tone, allows users to “see” him in various corners of the library as he tells stories and anecdotes, shares interesting facts and reveals invaluable treasures.

Users can download the App for IOS or Android to get a preview of the Library conveniently from their home.
After launching the app, users can scan the images on the cube (available in PDF format, both for viewing and printing) to “visit” some of the content of interest in the Library.

At the Gastronomic Library in Parma, users can complete the virtual tour by using the App to scan the codes at the other activation points, and can also appreciate firsthand the works on display there.