Regional cuisines

She is top of the class. Without being a smart aleck. But being radiant, open, creative and joyful, where being in a good mood makes one hungry and vice versa.

Italy is unique in the world. It has so many gastronomic masterpieces that there are always discoveries to be made. In each region, each individual area and even each city.

With us, in Italy, history, tradition, climate, environment, implementation skills, gastronomic intuition and the use of excellent typical products keep on blending together in a successful alchemy of taste, culture and love for “good living”.

Some recipes flaunt centuries-old curricula, if not thousands of years of history. Some, instead, are more recent creations, though already acknowledged in the Olympus of contemporary gastronomy.

It is estimated that in Italy there are as many as over three thousand typical dishes, just to count the main ones. Many more, if we count the numerous variations that each of those carried along in the course of time. Are you ready to discover those that Academia Barilla selected for you?


A concert of wines, cheeses and truffles.

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A treasure trove of typical products.

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Trentino alto adige

The twin souls of alpine gastronomy.

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Valle D’Aosta

Snow cuisine.

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Aromas from the land and the sea.

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A symphony of flavours.

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