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FOOD ENSEMBLE: the sound of food

Cooking is not just flavor and aroma. Its creative expression can take on unexpected forms and interpretations, speaking different languages that depart from gustatory expressions and reach out to the other senses.

Food becomes the starting point for art forms that escape from the most basic concept of sense of taste in itself and are expressed also through sounds. This is the objective of the Food Ensemble, a trio that makes a musical performance out of the act of cooking and eating.

This project emerges from a need to experiment with and blend together culinary art with electronic music, intertwine sounds, aromas, and perceptions with the goal to create a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Imagine looking at a chef cooking wonderful dishes in front of your eyes, and hearing the noises of the preparation that fill up the room. Then these sounds slowly transform, one joins the other and together they become music. At this very moment, while listening to the composition, one can indeed taste the dish created from these sounds.”

The members of the trio are: Francesco Sarcone, who steals the sounds coming from hot pots and pans, from hands grating, mixing and kneading, to extract notes and compose musical “menus” that accompany and complete the courses; Andrea Reverberi, the chef and poet of the group, the one who creates the recipes and talks with the raw materials; Marco Chiussi, sound engineer and sommelier, who selects the wines for the dinner and samples the microphones.

Their proposal is a tasting in four courses that is also a concert in 4 compositions merged into a ballet that turns into an experience. All happens in front of the audience, a live moment where the 5 senses are stimulated and teased.

Cooking and music are bound together as ancestral, popular expressions, they are inclusive and captivating. They hold a deep message, they deliver to a state of sensorial participation”.

This is what the Food Ensemble proposes, the awe of an unexpected moment to be remembered, the pleasure of dishes refined and prepared with dedication, the caress of musical compositions that contribute to the experience of living food as an immersion experience.

Find out the performance with Chef Davide Oldani during the last edition of Pasta World Championship 2018.