Barilla with Gambero Rosso

for the Top Italian Restaurants Guide

Tracing and talking about the evolution of Italian taste around the world

Communicating Italian cuisine around the world, its specialities and features that make it unique: this is a pillar in Barilla’s mission. It is a journey of knowledge, experimentation and communication shaped through initiatives, targeted activities and partnerships.

This is the case of Top Italian Restaurants, a Gambero Rosso’s digital guide in English that maps, classifies and reviews 500 Italian cuisine restaurants in more than 35 countries around the world. The classification and review symbols are well-known, from one to three of the following: forks for fine dining restaurants, shrimps for traditional cuisine, slices for pizzeria and bottles for wine bars.

This project arises from the commitment to trace and narrate what can be defined as the “evolution of Italian taste” throughout a choice of venues that use certified and quality products. This weaves a thread connecting and supporting the professionals engaged with the highest dedication and passion, in transforming and promoting Italian food and wine gastronomic excellence.

Top Italian Restaurants highlights how Made in Italy restaurants abroad continue to enjoy a wave of great success that benefits the vast agri-food Italian sector, unique for biodiversity and quality of raw materials.

This is the origin of the connection with Barilla’s philosophy and hence the commitment to support an initiative disseminating Italian culinary culture.

The Top Italian Restaurants Guide is available in digital format at the web address

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