Brodetto alla giuliese with mezze maniche and seafood pulp

Walter Potenza's recipe at 2013 Pasta World Championship
40 min
4 People
40 min
INGREDIENTS for 4 people

Catch of the day (fish and seafood from the Adriatic see, preferably from the area of Giulianova)

11.5 oz  Mezze Maniche

7 oz squid

10.5 oz John Dory

14 oz anglerfish fillet, cleaned

4 mantis shrimp

4 langoustines

2 red mullet

2 gurnard

7 oz smooth hound

10.5 oz skate

7 oz mussels

9 oz clams

2 tomatoes

1 green bell pepper

2 garlic cloves

3/4 oz parsley

3 marjoram sprigs


Dry white wine

Extra virgin olive oil



Clean all fish and seafood.


Prepare the squid: remove the tentacles, empty the sacs, peel them and eliminate beaks and eyes. Cut in strips.


Clean the gurnards: eliminate the innards, heads and fins.


Do the same with the John Dory. Cut in chunks the smooth hound fish, anglerfish and the skate.


Remove the legs of langoustines and mantis shrimp. Cut along the entire back to extract the meat.


Remove the mullet scales and clean the inside, remove fins and head.


Once all the fish has been cleaned, wash and dry all.  Set in a container in the fridge.


Quickly blanch the tomatoes and remove skin and seeds as soon as they cool down.


In a medium-sized pan, pour the olive oil with garlic and sauté for two minutes. Add the chopped tomatoes, salt, chili, and at last the green bell pepper finely chopped. Continue cooking for 5 minutes. Transfer the sauce in a tall-sided pan.


Clay pots are recommended as they ensure a constant temperature throughout the cooking.


Add the various fish to the sauce according to their size: place inside the toughest meat first, then the rest, end with the seafood and the marjoram and wine.


Heat up the oven at 125°C / 257°F and place a baking sheet in the oven for 15 about minutes. When cooked, remove the meatiest fish and blend them, this will become the basis for the pasta dressing.


Cook the Mezze Maniche pasta in salted water, drain al dente and blend in a pan with the fish, moistened with the fish soup. Finish with fresh ground black pepper and a drizzle of raw olive oil.


Serve the Mezze Maniche pasta in a plate displaying all the different fish and seafood.

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