Ceppelliate (Jam-filled croissants)

30 min
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30 min
INGREDIENTS for 0 people

For pasta

1 kg all-purpose flour

18 egg yolk

500 g sugar

500 g lard

2 lemon

5 g ammonium carbonate



To garnish

sour black cherry jam

confectioners sugar


Make a well in the flour on the pastry board and beat into it the eggyolks with the sugar, lard and grated lemon zest. Finally add the ammonium carbonate or yeast and rapidly mix together all the ingredients. Roll out the dough with a rolling-pin, and using a cup, cut out several disks from the sheet, and then fill these with dark cherry jam (about a spoonful). Fold these in on themselves making sure the edges stick well forming them into croissants. Bake the “Ceppelliate” in a moderate oven: When they are cooked, allow to cool amd dust with abundant powdered sugar. For this pastry it is not advisable to use a jam that is too sweet, otherwise the croissants open and the filling leaks out. In the original recipe there is a teaspoon of ammonium carbonate, but using this, the pastry becomes a whitish color, so it is possibile to substitute it with yeast or eliminate both.

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