Cream of Chicken and Rice Soup

50 min
6 People
50 min
INGREDIENTS for 6 people
  • chicken breast
  • broth
  • 6 tbsp of rice
  • salt
  • heavy cream
  • crostini (toasted bread croutons)
  • butter

This recipe is perfect for using up leftover chicken or turkey, preferably roasted.


Take the chicken meat, reduce to small pieces on a cutting board and then pound in a mortar, dousing with 1 or 2 spoonfuls of cold stock.


Cook the rice in a little stock and as soon as it is cooked, drain it and puree it together with the pounded chicken meat, collecting everything in a bowl.

When chicken and rice are well amalgamated, transfer everything to a casserole away from the heat and dilute with a little stock. Dissolve this mixture with the help of a whisk, and when it is nicely liquid, put the casserole on the heat, stirring often with a wooden spoon and bringing the liquid almost to the boil, but being careful it does not actually boil because this would ruin the puree.


Salt the cream to taste and before serving, finish it off, away from the heat, with two fingers of milk cream.


Serve the velouté putting in each plate 1 or 2 spoonfuls of diced bread fried in butter. If you prefer having a lighter dish decorate only with some parsley leaves.

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