Focaccia with Melted Mozzarella

A focaccia that contains the typical colors and flavors of Italy: fresh tomatoes, oregano, and mozzarella. To be grilled.
15 min
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15 min
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Cut the focaccia in half horizontally and slice the mozzarella.
Place the Mozzarella on the lower half of the focaccia, and on the other half, the tomato cut into very thin slices. Sprinkle the latter with small oregano leaves, and season with salt and a trickle of oil.

Put the prepared focaccia halves under the grill, 6 inches apart. Leave to cook until the mozzarella is very soft (after only a few minutes), then remove the focaccia from the grill and put the two halves back together.
Cut into 4 wedges and serve piping hot.

Food history

Buffalo mozzarellais a product of the Campania region with DOP designation. Its flavor and texture contrasts with cow’s milk mozzarella.
The term mozzarella was first used by Bartolomeo Scappi, the secret cook of Pope Pius V, in a food review where he mentioned “capi di latte, butiro fresco, ricotte fiorite, mozzarelle fresche et neve di latte.”

The term mozzarella is the diminutive of mozza (from mozzare, to chop off), a term used since the 15th century to denote the fresh byproduct of a cheese called provatura (now provolone).
Due to its freshness (which, because of conservation issues, formerly limited its world-wide popularity), buffalo mozzarella should be eaten extremely fresh and on site.

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