“Funghetto” eggplants

80 min
0 People
80 min
INGREDIENTS for 0 people
  • 3 ½ lb eggplant
  • ¾ lb tomatoes , fresh, peeled and seedless
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • basil
  • salt

Wash the eggplants, dry with a dish cloth and peel them, then cut them into chunks and put them into a colander sprinkled with a little salt. After about half an hour, the eggplants will have lost part of their vegetation liquid: squeeze them gently and fry in batches in abundant oil. When they begin to turn golden, remove from the oil using a skimmer and lay on a sloping plate, so that any excess oil can drain downwards. Remove the oil from the pan leaving a couple of spoonfuls – just enough to sauté the garlic. When this begins to color, add to the pan the peeled tomatoes seeded in pieces and after two or three minutes the eggplants. Salt, turn off the heat and add a handful of chopped basil. Serve warm. There is a variant: add capers desalted in warm water and pitted olives.

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