Mascarpone with zabaione

Velvety mascarpone paired with rich zabaione make for a doubly delicious dessert.
45 min
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45 min
INGREDIENTS for 0 people
  • 3 egg yolks
  • ½ lb Mascarpone cheese
  • 10 oz sponge cake
  • 2 ½ tbsp Marsala wine
  • 2 oz sugar

Prepare the zabaione by whisking the egg yolks, sugar and half the Marsala in a bowl.


Cook the zabaione in a bain marie over low heat and continue stirring with a whisk until it is soft and fluffy, and just beginning to come to a boil.


Add the mascarpone to the zabaione, which will melt on contact with the heat, and stir.


Prepare a mold lined with sponge cake. Drizzle the remaining Marsala on the cake, then fill with the mascarpone/zabaione mixture. Finish by covering it with other slices of sponge cake.


Place in the freezer over night.

To serve, remove from the mold and place it upside down on a serving plate.

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