Mezze Maniche puffed with creamed cod and red beans

60 min
4 People
60 min
INGREDIENTS for 4 people

200 g of Barilla Mezze Maniche


Creamed cod

200 g of soaked cod

30 g. of onion

1 clove of garlic

500 g of fresh milk

20 g of extra virgin olive oil for cooking

40 g of extra virgin olive oil to be used raw

Salt and pepper


Red bean cream

100 g of cooked red beans

15 g of extra virgin olive oil scented with rosemary

Salt and pepper


Parsley scented oil

50 g of parsley

50 g of extra virgin olive oil



100 g of Tropea onion

10 g of oil

Salt and pepper


Decoration vegetables

Dehydrated vegetables

Grain of turnip tops

Broccoli powder

Pink peppercorns

Sunflower seed oil for blowing


Puffed pasta

Cook the pasta in plenty of lightly salted water for 35 minutes, drain and cool under cold water.

Dry well and put to dehydrate in the oven or in a dryer at a temperature of about 65/70 ° for the time necessary to return the pasta to dry.

Heat the seed oil very well and soak each single Mezze Maniche for no longer than 3/4 seconds.

Use a paper towel to absorb excess oil.


Creamed cod

Put oil, onion and garlic in a small to medium saucepan, and after a few minutes add the previously desalted cod, skinned and cut into not too small pieces, add the milk and cook for about 30 minutes over low heat.

When the cod is cooked, drain it completely from the milk and blend it, adding the oil a little at a time, adjusting the flavor if necessary.

Arrange the cod inside a pastry bag.


Red bean cream

Take the previously cooked red beans and blend them with the filtered oil, which in the meantime we have heated slightly with the rosemary.


Parsley flavored oil

In a pot with water at a temperature of about 80 °, blanch the parsley for about 30 seconds, drain and cool it well with water and ice.

After squeezing it, add it to the oil and blend everything.

After about 10 minutes with the help of a fine sieve, filter the oil by removing the fibrous part.


Withered onion

Cut the onion into thin wedges and transfer it in a small pan or, if you like, in the MW with the oil, salt and pepper.

If you cook it in MW, cover the container with cling film and cook it for 3 minutes at 950W, otherwise in a pan over very low heat until the onion is wilted.


Composition of the dish

Take a large flat plate, arrange the pumpkin and red bean cream as you like, in a not excessive quantity, then arrange the Mezze Maniche which in the meantime we will have stuffed with the whipped cod vertically on the plate in an orderly manner, finish by decorating with the vegetables and with parsley oil.

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