Orecchiette salad with salt cod, broad beans and olives

30 min
4 People
30 min
INGREDIENTS for 4 people

11.5 oz Barilla Orecchiette

7 oz broad beans, fresh or frozen

9 oz salt cod, soaked

2 oz black olives

6.3 oz tomato, ripe

1 bunch of basil

3.3 fl oz extra virgin olive oil

1 clove garlic

vegetable stock

Salt and pepper, to taste


Boil the pasta in abundant boiling salted water.

When it is almost al dente, still a little undercooked, stop the cooking by rinsing quickly under running cold water, then drain thoroughly.

Pour in a large bowl and dress with a ribbon of oil so that it will not stick together.

Blend with a hand-held mixer half of the oil with the basil leaves, then strain the mixture with a fine sieve.

Sauté in a pan with half of the remaining oil, the garlic wedge, peeled and whole.

Add the salt cod cut in pieces, adjust salt and pepper and cook quickly making sure that the fish does not break up.

Moist with some vegetable stock, if needed.

Slice an X through the tomato peal and blanch for 20 minutes.

Let cool, peel, seed and cut in dices.

Boil the broad beans in lightly salted boiling water.

Let cool and peel, then dress with salt and pepper and the remaining oil.

Mix in a bowl the pasta,   broad beans, olives, tomato and salt cod.

Season with salt and pepper.

Plate and dress with the basil oil.


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