Orecchiette with chickpeas, salt cod and broccoli raab

25 min
4 People
25 min
INGREDIENTS for 4 people

11.5 oz Barilla Orecchiette

9 oz salt cod

5 oz boiled chickpeas

7 oz red cherry tomatoes

5.3 oz broccoli raab

1 fresh red chili

1.8 fl oz extra virgin olive oil

Salt, black pepper to taste


Dice the salt cod.

Peel the garlic, chop the parsley and wash the broccoli raab, and remove the stalks.

Keep the leaves whole and cut the stalks in fine pieces.

Cut the tomatoes in wedges.

In a large pan, heat up 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, sauté the garlic, the chili chopped and the cherry tomatoes.

After a few moments, add the salt cod in small pieces.

Cook for 1 minute then add the boiled chickpeas.

Let the ingredients blend for another minute then set aside.

Cook the Orecchiette in abundant salted water.

5 minutes before draining, add broccoli raab to the boiling water, drain al dente the pasta with the vegetables.

Save some of the cooking water.

In a pan to blend the dressing and finish cooking the Orecchiette with the reserved and blend with the sauce.

Plate, drizzle some raw oil and a sprinkle of black pepper.


Note: if you’d like, add 3 anchovies.

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