Pork Chops in Wine Sauce

A traditional Tuscan main dish, enhanced by the flavors of Chianti and fennel seeds.
15 min
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15 min
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  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 pinch fennel seeds , crushed
  • 1 cup Chianti wine
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 pork chops
  • rosemary

Mince garlic clove and place in an unoiled pan together with crushed fennel seeds.
Salt and pepper the four chops to taste before laying them in the pan.

Brown the chops over a high heat, turning them over on each side.
When both sides have browned, bathe the chops with Chianti and cover the pan with a lid.

Reduce the heat to a simmer as the chops continue to slowly cook.
When the wine has completely evaporated, plate the chops. Garnish with rosemary to taste and serve the chops hot.


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Chiantiis a red wine with a rounded and harmonious taste born in the heart of Tuscany, a precious gift from the land lying between the historical and artistic treasures of Florence and Siena.

Its production is controlled by the DOCG mark of quality and requires the use of only selected vines, predominantly of the Sangiovese variety, which lie on the Tuscan hills fewer than 700 meters above sea level.

The winemaking tradition of the Chianti region is rooted in the ancient histories of Etruria and later of Rome. The symbol of the region, a black rooster on a gold field, refers to the emblem of the 13th century League of Chianti. The emblem was later painted by Giorgio Vasari on the ceiling of the Hall of Five Hundred in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

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