Risotto with Prawns

65 min
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65 min
INGREDIENTI: per 0 persone
  • 1 lb Rice
  • 1 ¾ lb medium shrimp
  • butter
  • onion
  • carrot
  • parsley
  • bay leaf
  • Cognac liqueur
  • dry white wine
  • salt and pepper

Put onto the heat a casserole with 1/4 cup of butter, half an onion, a carrot, some sticks of parsley and a small piece of bay leaf, Leave to fry gently, then add the prawns, washed and dried, and brown everything together for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Halfway through cooking, add a small glass of cognac and leave to evaporate. When the prawns are cooked, peel the tails and put aside. Put into a fairly large casserole a little oil and the chopped onion. Put onto the heat, leave the onion to become golden and add the rice: leave to gain flavor, stirring, and then douse with a glass of white wine. As soon as the wine has evaporated, douse the rice with water (or fish stock, if you have some), season with salt and pepper and leave to cook. When the rice is almost cooked, add the prawn tails. Stir once more, transfer to a serving plate, and take to the table. The addition of grated Parmesan is optional, but highly recommended. If you want to give your risotto a pinkish colour, here is a preparation recommended for those who are skilled in the kitchen. Put into a blender the leftovers from the browned prawns and vegetables remaining in the casserole, and reduce everything very finely. Put this paste into a casserole, add 1/2 cup of butter, put onto the heat, and dissolve the prawn paste with a tablespoon and then sauté well for some minutes. Prepare a bowl containing some very cold water. Pour the prawn paste with all of the butter onto a dish towel, placed on top of the bowl containing the water. Filter the paste in this way, pressing hard. A jet of red melted butter will plunge into the water, and gradually collect on the surface. Wait for the butter on the surface of the water to solidify. Renove it using a slotted spoon and put aside. Use this butter to cream your prawn risotto.

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