Sea bass baked in salt

Salt-baking is one of the more traditional ways to cook fish, allowing you keep the flavor of the fish and enrich it with classic Mediterranean herbs.
50 min
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50 min
INGREDIENTS for 0 people
  • 1 ¾ lb sea bass
  • 3 ½ lb sea salt
  • bay leaf
  • rosemary
  • sage

Wash a good amount of bay leaves, rosemary and sage. Dry well, then chop using a knife. Mix chopped herbs with salt.

Scale and clean the sea bass, then wash and dry well.

Cover the bottom of an oven-safe baking dish with a generous amount of herbed salt, dampened with a couple drops of water. Place the sea bass on top and cover with the remaining salt. Bake in a 425°F oven for about 40 minutes.

Remove from the oven and serve by cracking open the salt and removing the fish.

Food History

Sea bass, called both “branzino” and “spigola” in Italian depending on the region, is one of the most sought after and typical fish of the Mediterranean Sea. Although sea bass are usually caught while they are still small, they can grow to be up to 3 feet in length. Even the Ancient Romans loved to eat sea bass.
The consumption of fish in general dates back thousands of years. In fact, it is fair to say that humans have been eating fish since the prehistoric times when they were caught by bare hand. Around 8,000 B.C. various populations began to make fishing tools and gradually anyone who lived near a river or sea started to use them.

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