Sea flavoured spaghetti: black pasta carpaccio

Caterina Amelio's recipe for Pasta World Championship 2016. Winner of Young Talent Chefs
80 min
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80 min
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  • 3 oz Spaghetti N.5 Barilla
  • ⅜ oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ½ oz squid ink , (Squid ink)
  • 4 scallops

Preparation of the black pasta carpaccio:

Cook 1oz Barilla spaghetti no.5 in boiling salted water for 7 minutes.
Drain the pasta, grease it with oil and roll it out on a clean cloth
Mix the scallops and the squid black ink in a mixer; add salt and pepper to taste and blend.
Spread a thin layer of mixture on a silpat sheet, neatly place on it the spaghetti creating a flat surface, then add another layer of the squid ink mixture.
Lay the carpaccio on a plastic wrap and bake for 15 minutes at 150° F in a steam oven.
Let cool a little then cut the carpaccio forming four small squares.


In a saucepan reduce the champagne with sliced scallions.  Add the cream and reduce. Then strain.
Add 8 fresh oysters and pressed sturgeon caviar, sift again and set aside.
Cook the Barilla spaghetti no.5 in lightly salted boiling water for eight minutes.
While the pasta is cooking, bread 4 oysters with the egg white and Panko Japanese bread crumbs (or just crumbled fresh bread). Fry in sunflower oil at 338° F until they are golden, place them on a paper towel and keep warm.
Drain the pasta and mix it with oyster sauce.
Serve arranging on the plate the carpaccio of pasta, place at the center a nest of spaghetti, lay the fried oyster to the side and decorate with sprouts and oyster leaves.
Add a few pearls of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of chopped chives.


Pearl of olive oil – For the spherification of liquids you need to mix sodium alginate to the liquid component (usually in the amount of 1gr of sodium alginate for 125ml of liquid). Then drop the pearls in a calcium bath using a small syringe. Using purposely created products  (i.e.: Caviaroli) it is possible to spherizise oil as well.  Alternatively, for a simpler solution, add to the dish a few drops of raw oil.

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