Tortiglioni with escarole and olives

25 min
4 People
25 min
INGREDIENTS for 4 people

11.5 oz Barilla Tortiglioni

10 oz escarole leaves

20 pitted black olives

1 red onion

1 tbsp dry oregano

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Salt and white pepper, to taste

1 pinch Pecorino cheese, grated



Wash the escarole leaves and tear them in pieces.

Peel the onion, chop finely and sweat it in a non-stick pan with extra virgin olive oil.

Add the escarole leaves in pieces and sweat for some minutes.

Add the oregano, pitted black olives cut in pieces and adjust salt and pepper.

Cook the Tortiglioni in boiling water, drain when al dente, pour in the pan and sauté with the vegetables.

Serve with a sprinkle of grated Pecorino cheese on the top.


Garnish / Tip: onion compote. See the instructions for the onion compôte. The outer leaves of many greens are eliminated in favor of the inner part (white, soft and crunchy) , yet often not as full of flavor and with less chlorophyll.

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