Whole Grain Bavette with Red Mullett, Sea Urchins and Squid Ink

Luca Torricelli's recipe for Barilla Pasta World Championship 2016
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  • ¾ lb whole wheat Bavette
  • 1 lb red mullet
  • 1 cup sea urchins , (vasetto/jar)
  • 1 cup squid ink , (vasetto/jar)
  • 1 lb Plum tomatoes
  • 1 lemon , (organic from Sicily)
  • white pepper
  • 4 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 small bunches thyme
  • 1 rustic, country-style bread

Fillet the mullet and keep the bones for the fumet.
Cut the fillet in two parts by the length. Top with olive oil, a grain of salt and lemon essential oils and white pepper then leave covered at room temperature.
Cut in small pieces the belly part and brown quickly in olive oil. Brown the Datterino tomatoes and douse with the fumet obtained with the fish bones. Add the the mixture.
Drain the pasta still very undercooked and mix with the sauce.
Stir in lemon thyme, extra virgin oil, white pepper and keep the sauce moist.
Plate and decorate with swirls of the black squid ink.
Finish with the sea urchins pulp and the mullet marinated fillet. Decorate with lemon zest.
Serve with blacks and olive oil emulsion droplets.

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