A Personal Chef who combines art and food in designing and preparing his dishes, for Giulio Bettini cooking is a fusion between something pleasing to the eye and the search for taste, aiming at innovation whilst upholding tradition.

He stands out for constantly seeking and selecting raw materials he can then use to bring ideas and recipes to life. A search that continues and expresses flavours and care in the preparation of every single element.

The creative process that leads to his dishes is driven by sensations, inspiration drawn from places, moments and people. The distinctive trait is how ingredients are selected, processed and combined by Giulio to achieve the right balance between aesthetics and taste but, above all, to constantly convey stimuli to the mind and palate.


In this recipe, the classic arrangement of linguine in the shape of a nest has an added exclusive and gourmet touch, thanks to the fine and well-balanced effect of consistencies between the various elements forming the dish: the liquid delicacy of the bed of gazpacho, the perception of pasta cooked al dente, the pleasant grainy feeling of caviar or, alternatively, lumpfish roe.  Different techniques and cooking methods that reveal the true secret of this pasta: the elements forming the recipe can be prepared beforehand and then be quickly assembled even at the last minute. Flavoured oil, following a slow maceration process, and the gazpacho obtained from a marinade complete the dish, which is to be served cold.

Finally, also the process to cool the pasta will keep it perfectly cooked. Your imagination will be the personal touch to finish off the dish, by adding flowers and basil.

A delicious idea to surprise the palate in summer.


Ingredients for 4 people

240g Barilla bavettine pasta

 For the ginger and lemongrass flavoured oil:
Peel of 1 lime
40g ginger
40g lemongrass
100g sunflower oil

 For the gazpacho:
Coriander leaves
Greek basil
40g celery
40g yellow onion
40g cucumbers
15g olive oil
40g red peppers
400g plum tomatoes
pink salt
white pepper

Plate finish:
Geranium petals
Borage flowers
Greek basil leaves
Caviar or lumpfish roe

Phase 1
Ginger and lemongrass flavoured oil

Put 100g of sunflower oil, 40g of ginger, 40g of lemongrass and the lime peel, all finely chopped, in a container. Leave to stand in the fridge for 2 days and filter.
Phase 2
For the gazpacho

Marinate all the ingredients for 10 hours. After this time, blend and filter the vegetables, thicken everything with the Xanthan until creamy. Xanthan is a thickening powder widely used by chefs and easy to find.
Phase 3
Cook the pasta and, when ready, put it in a bowl with salted water, ice and a tablespoon of oil. Cool the bavettine, drain and season with the ginger oil.
Phase 4
Put the pepper cream in a deep plate and use a pair of tongs and a spoon to arrange the pasta in the shape of a nest. Finally, place the nest over the gazpacho.
Phase 5
Finish off the dish by harmoniously arranging the Greek basil leaves and the flowers. Complete by topping the nest with the caviar or, if you prefer, lumpfish roe.