It happened to all of us, at least once, to be forced to throw away wilted vegetables forgotten inside the fridge, or to have some leftover food. In these cases, the commandment in the kitchen is to reuse the ingredients, and create new dishes. And pasta is the perfect allied in preparing tasty no waste recipes.


For 5 Grain Spaghetti with stir-fried vegetables, we can mix pieces of vegetables sautéed with fresh cheese leftovers, diluted in some milk. The top section of a spring onion, often overlooked and discarded, will give an extra harmonious touch to the dish.

Stalks and leaves from asparagus, artichokes or leeks can be recovered and used to give flavor and personality to first courses, such as Whole grain Penne with stalks and leaves pesto, flavored with lemon zest, or Farfalle with celery and parsley leaves pesto, where we also add some tablespoons of stale bread.

Spaghetti omelette, is a classic in reusing leftover pasta. In this case, the tip is to add a spring onion, some red radicchio leaves and smoked Scamorza cheese.

In the Pasta and potato with Gorgonzola Pie for their size, Farfalline pasta is the best shape to use, but it can be replaced by another pasta suitable for soups.

And again. Having prepared and enjoyed a refreshing raw vegetable dish like Pinzimonio, we may have some carrot and fennel sticks left over that can be used for the Tortiglioni au gratin with fennel and carrots.

Finally, we can make good use of the shank of the Dry-cured Ham, or the end part of any deli meats, to flavor the Gnocchetti Sardi soup with broccoli.

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