Vegetables with a leading role in the kitchen: the Veggie Centric model

Vegetables as the main ingredients of every dish: that’s where the Veggie Centric cooking model, a trend revolutionising the seasoning concept, starts, by giving vegetables the leading role in dishes to considerably decrease the presence of meat and animal proteins in each course.

Veggie Centric means health and sustainability. Health because it provides a more balanced diet due to the greater share of mineral salts and nourishing substances from vegetables and a more moderate use of meat, which is reduced but not eliminated; sustainability through the choice made in favour of seasonal ingredients, and for the benefits to the planet from curtailing the spread and exploitation of intensive breeding.

In our Mediterranean culture, this model becomes an ideal source of culinary inspiration, due to Italy’s great variety of raw materials.


We are often so used to preparing the same recipes that we do not stop to think how much fun it would be to prepare them differently, for that extra bit of originality. In that sense, vegetables are an excellent source of ideas in the kitchen. Accompanied by pasta and pulses they become a healthy, balanced single course. This plus the all-important nutritional aspect, with vegetables placed at the base of the Mediterranean diet food pyramid. What’s more, creativity is stimulated by the seasonal aspect of the different vegetables to be used in cooking.


Using a greater percentage of vegetables, especially if seasonal, benefits your health and your purse. With this in mind, pasta is a perfect “creative base” for combining sustainability, lower costs and culinary creativity.


Being creative with vegetables in the kitchen also means experimenting with cooking techniques that enhance taste and working them to obtain different consistencies. For example, vegetables can become crunchy, braised, fried, grilled or roasted and even glazed.


Spices are another much-used secret in the Veggie Centric model; they give dishes pleasant aromatic touches while looking after your well-being, as they help reduce the use of salt.


Discover the tasty recipes for well-being created by Lorenzo Boni Chef and prepare some delicious veggie-centric pasta dishes.

Spaghetti with fresh arugola and prosciutto

Spaghetti with veggies aromatic herbs and poppy seeds

Red lentil spaghetti with shallot tomatoes and toasted nuts


The Veggie Centric model is a relevant culinary trend that embodies an healthy and tasty dietary style, also enhancing the cooking fantasy, by simply reducing animal proteins in the diet, without banning them.It helps to find new inspirations about how to treat vegetables and natural ingredients in the most respectful way, by using new cooking methods or new flavourful combinations.


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